Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Pictures and words. Unrelated to each other.

Busy month. As I last posted, Maggie started smiling the day after Thanksgiving. That's also the day she started to coo, well, in her case, it's, "Goo," which bodes well for Julie, since she is Maggie's "goo goo" (father's sister in Chinese).

I have some video of her talking, but the lead time for getting vids up is >> than that for photos -- I still have a clip of her INSIDE of Deirdre which I have yet to post!!

On Dec 25, Sir Isaac Newton's birthday (observed), Maggie participated in the festivities as the test mass for the pendulum. You will be glad to hear that experiment and theory agreed quite well on that day. Email me if you want a copy of our Newton day final report.


Anonymous Mischa B. Adams (maternal granma) said...

I love the picture of Pete and "Pete-tunia!"

5:07 PM  

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