Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Maggie Sheng-Jie Adams-Mao. d 1-3

Our new baby, Margaret, was born on Friday 9/29/06 at 7 PM after >24 hrs of back-labor and 1 hr of the big push.

Her middle name is composed of her Chinese generational name, sheng, which means "birth," and jie, which means "victory." Deirdre always wanted to name our girl Nike, the Greek godess of victory, but a certain shoe company has already co-opted that name.

Ming Chiang Liu, one of the grad students in ESS at UCLA, suggested ri (day) for her given Chinese name, so every day would be her birthday. My Dad forbade the use of qi (gas or air) since "sheng qi" means "to become angry."

Props to Sean Bergin, RN for her excellent labor coaching.

The new girl in my life.
She will be cursed with wide feet. When she's grown up, if she wants to wear high heels, she'll have to go to Hubba-Hubba in Cambridge. (Is that even still around?)

Deirdre and Maggie in a test of wills.

I shaved my head earlier in the week, so that she won't be shocked the first time she sees me nearly hairless.


Blogger Bonzo said...

Her head is remarkably round.

What color baby hat do you want?

And does she need horns, tassels, or pompoms?

(I'd try to crochet booties, but she'd probably out grow them immediately.)

I knew she'd have wide feet.

9:46 AM  

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