Friday, February 02, 2007

January milestones

1/7/07: turn over (front to back). I have video, but I have to upload it somewhere...

1/13/07: started to play with the toys in the "gym" that Chris and Jill Mindas gave her. I put her in it for the first time about a week or two before. She was so overwhelmed by the choices that she just lay there and stared for several minutes.

1/15/07: first cold (yuck!). this was a super-hard day for me. I was left all alone to take care of her.

1/15/07: no more thrush. She had a thrush (yeast) infection almost from day 1. Made her breath smell really good, like bread. Now she has the garbage-breath of a formula-supplemented baby. The purple lips in a few of these photos are from the gentian violet we had to put in her mouth. She HATED it!!! I gave the last of six doses and she was starting to get agitated long before I had to give it to her.

1/22/07: laugh (heh heh heh). again, we have video, but I need to edit it.

1/30/07: sit up, propped on her hands. I have to find the photos. she was really proud of herself when she realized she could sort of sit upright.

also: hand coordination, head became attached to body

last photo: You can tell that Maggie is half Asian from her eyes. Gringo right eye; Chinese left eye (at least on this day).