Saturday, November 17, 2007

Every third day

Alan Labrador mentioned once that after William was born, he had something new happen to him every day. With Maggie, I think it's every third day that something totally unexpected happens. Yesterday, she asked Deirdre to show her how to use the camera. Poked at it for a while, and then pressed it into her Mommy's hands and somehow made it clear that she wanted to use it. Deirdre showed her, and then Maggie took a few photos.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Flickr > Blogger

Following Camille's lead, I started posting photos on Flickr, which in conjuction with jUploadr, makes my life much easier. Pauline clued me in on Picasa web albums, but it was already too late. Besides, on my creaky old GNU-box, Picasa (the app) is much slower than GQview.

Crazy Mag stories are better conveyed here than at Flickr, but the photos were getting overwhelming and I needed something easier. Also, I've been meaning to write down the Megan story I should have told at her graduation party back in June, but I've still failed to do....