Sunday, March 18, 2007

Teething, standing, stranger fright, holding the bottle

2/11/07: first episode of stranger-fright. My Dad has some photos, but Deirdre and I weren't able to take any. Maggie was miserable!! We took her to my Aunt's house, and I made the mistake of popping her out of the car seat and handing her off to Auntie An. Previously, we had seen my family at restaurants, where it takes us quite a while to get settled with her. The transition was too fast this time and it took a good 90 minutes to get her calmed down.

2/18/07: first teething episode.

other February news: tried sitting up on her own.

week of 3/12: Phonemes are entering into her cries. Working hard on standing up.

Ack.... started this post sometime in mid-March. She's changing so quickly now! Tried to steal my food last night.



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