Thursday, June 05, 2008

McCain, Obama, or Clinton?

We all know it's down to McCain or Obama now, but Maggie hasn't figured that out yet. About two months ago, I started showing her pictures of Obama and Clinton in the newspaper while we had breakfast. This was a few weeks after she heard Clinton on the radio saying, "Keep going...keep going..keep going to the convention." And then started telling me that the radio was going to "keep going."

After she could reliably identify them, she started calling Clinton either "kitten" or "chicken" and Obama became "Omama." When I showed her McCain, she was able to repeat his name right away.

So I asked Maggie today "McCain or Obama?" The answer was "McCain" whether I put him first or last. If I asked her "McCain or Clinton?" she always replies "Clinton."

So there you have it. The prediction from my 20 month old kid-girl who, in her own words, is "not a baby."


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