Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quotes of the day: 9/16/08

[I'm reading "Once a Mouse" to her]

P: What's that? (pointing to a little snake on the ground)
M: A snake!
P: What's that? (pointing to a big snake in a tree)
M: That's a snake, too!
M: (pointing at the little snake) Excuse me, that's a worm!

[Deirdre writes an "M" on a piece of paper for her]
M: Draw an "A"!
D: (DSA writes the A) What comes after that?
M: "G"
D: (write the G) What comes after the "G"?
M: "I"
D: (writes G and I) For your name, there are two "G"'s and then an "I".
P: What comes after "I"?
M: "J"!

[After evening clean-up]
M: Mama's not a guy.... Mama's not Dada.


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